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Portway RDC

A sports centre run by the community for the community

The Portway RDC is a community run fitness and sports centre. All profits generated from the site are either reinvested in the site or used for other community purposes.The Portway RDC is leased by St Brendan’s Old Boys Rugby Club from Bristol City Council. St Brendan’s is a volunteer-run not-for-profit organisation and is a registered Community Amateur Sports Club.


Get to Know Us

St Brendan’s is committed to being more than a rugby club by making a positive impact on our community. We plan to develop the Portway RDC so that it becomes the cornerstone of a local sports delivery network that increases and widens participation in a range of sports for the whole community.

Our specific objectives are:

  • to support a wide section of Bristol's population through rugby and other sports.

  • to support and promote women's sport.

  •  youth-orientated schemes, with a keen focus on young people’s mental to support Bristol's health.

  •  to help young people reach their potential through sport.

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About St Brendan's

St Brendan’s is a long established Bristol based amateur rugby club affiliated to the RFU.  The club has a proud history, with past players going on to play for Bristol and internationally.  


However, what defines the club is its strong ethos and values.   Inclusivity and enjoyment are at the heart of St Brendan’s and have allowed it to grow to have one of the largest junior sections locally.  We recognise the power of team sport to bring people together and welcome players of all ages, ability levels and backgrounds. 


The gym and fitness centre at the Portway RDC are operated by Portway Sports Centre Limited. Portway Sports Centre Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of St Brendan’s.  It is a trading company and supporters’ group of St Brendan’s, with any profits or surpluses being passed to St Brendan's.

Our partners

St Brendan’s is looking for other community groups and other organisations who can help us achieve our vision and maximise the potential of the Portway RDC.  


Whether you are from a community sports club looking for pitches, a not-for-profit organisation wanting somewhere to deliver your programme, or a commercial enterprise committed to making a difference to your community, if you think you can help us deliver our vision, we want to hear from you. 

Funding and financial support

The acquisition of the Portway RDC was funded by St Brendan's from its own resources.  However, additional funding will be needed from external partners to enable the Portway RDC to be developed to fulfil its potential.  


If you want to help us achieve our vision, we’d love you to get in touch .  This could include:

  • commercial sponsorship

  • helping run community programmes 

  • funding the purchase of equipment and the development of the site

  • donations of equipment

  • providing volunteer time and expertise.


As St Brendan’s is a registered Community Amateur Sports Club this means gift aid can be claimed on donations by individuals and donations by companies are deductible for corporation tax purposes.

Further information

If you are interested in finding out more please get in touch with either Charles or Mike.

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